Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Being A Vegan Doesn’t Make You A Better Person.

Just the act of not eating meat doesn’t make a person <better>. Just the act of not participating in systematic  and massive animal cruelty doesn’t <enlighten> a person.

So when a meat eater scoffs at us and says <so you think you are better  because you don’t eat meat, HUH?> we can answer with a <no, we are not <better>>

But the opposite is even more true. Eating meat while aware of the cruelty behind it DOES damage your spirit, soul, or whatever you want to call it. Eating meat and actively blocking your mind for the truth that meat means extreme cruelty, DOES lower your mind. Taking part and being responsible for systematic and massive cruelty to living beings that don’t have a voice in our society and are dependent on us, is a huge black mark on your spirit, soul, humanity, or whatever you want to call it.

To continue our entertaining conversation with the meat eater, we can continue with an <even though I am not <better> because I am a vegan, YOU are certainly much worse as a human for eating meat knowing the cruelty it causes yet ignoring it and even mocking people who DO stop eating meat.>

BEING a vegan might not make you a better human, but BECOMING a vegan certainly does. When we did realize how cruel the animals are treated for our meat, and even our eggs and milk, we were disgusted by so much extreme and unjust cruelty to defenseless animals. We actively did change ourselves, we ditched the meat, the cheese, the eggs, the milk, and all without someone patting us on the back, on the contrary, we did it against the grain, at highest people around us tolerated it, at worse people turned verbally aggressive towards us.

We did BECOME vegans because we followed <the higher element> in us, we did choose for compassion, social justice, ethics, a humane society. We opened our mind and our heart instead of closing them.
It must sound very arrogant for meat eaters, but the activity of BECOMING a vegan , that DID make us a better human being. J

Monday, 20 January 2014

The < ant > argument.

<An elephant and an ant are walking on a wooden bridge. The ant said to the elephant  “wow, we are making a lot of noise, eh!”>

On a particular veg forum a non veg person started a topic about that a certain person wanted to become his friend but he didn’t like that person because that person wears fur.
Most vegans on the forum rightly pointed out that fur is cruel but also meat is cruel, confrontational but not personal towards the OP. Change yourself instead of changing another person, was the general gest of the replies.

The moderator of the forum stepped in with first praising the non veg OP for being anti fur, and next, advising him to show some fur videos to his wannabe friend. That seemed a tat Monthy Pythonesque to me, a vegan who advises a meat eater to go preach to a fur wearer.

The moderator also hocus pocused the <ant argument> out of her purple hat. This argument is mostly used by meat eaters and goes like this : < so you think you are so good because you don’t eat animals, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ANTS that you step on ? YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE ! >

When pleasing or apologetic vegans use the <ant argument> , trying to silence outspoken vegans, it goes like this : <we vegans are not perfect, when we go the supermarket we also accidentally step on many ants.  Since we, vegans, also kill animals just like meat eaters, we shouldn’t be too harsh on meat eaters or call them hypocrites for on one hand being against fur yet on the other hand eat meat.>
I feel that such an argument is solemnly  designed to distract from the real issues, to create confusion. Here is a little test. Please answer the following question.

Q : Which of the four following issues is NOT a vegan issue.
1.       Animal Testing For Cosmetics.
2.       Animal products from animal factories.
3.       Fur and leather.
4.       Accidentally Stepping On Ants While Going To The Supermarket.

I don’t know about you, but I became a vegan because of the immense cruelty of meat and eggs and animal products. When I see an undercover video of again another case of animal cruelty, for cosmetics, fur or leather, or on factory farms, I am deeply upset. 
I am sorry but when I realize that I stepped ACCIDENTALLY on some ants, I am not upset not even slightly. I didn’t become vegan because I want people or myself to stop stepping on ants. I wasn’t aware that <accidentally stepping on ants> was a vegan issue.

The more absurd an argument is, the harder it is to fight it with logic. Try reasoning with a two year old, and you know what i mean. LOL.
As for the <ant argument>, don’t fall for it, it is merely a designed distraction to keep us away from the real issues and is an apologetic argument ; <we step on ants, so don’t be too hard on meat eaters, nobody is perfect.> or, when meat eaters use this last resort defense ; <I eat meat but you kill ants and bugs !! YOU ARE AS BAD AS ME !!>

Last but not least. Shouldn’t <we> just be honest with ourself and other people and treat other non veg people as adults, and be able to discuss issues ? Or should we play politics and think that by treating non veg adults like children and pleasingly patting them on the back, we win their respect and change their hearts, and still can keep our self respect as vegans ?

Never be apologetic to animal cruelty, always speak out, and don’t let other people silence you.